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Established in 2002, Jiangsu Hanbao International Building Material Co Ltd,grown from its predecessor Xuzhou Changlin, is currently possessing not only the largest integrated timber manufacturing complex but also multiple other business areas. We are proud of ourselves that we have the best expertise in manufacturing, inspection, logistics, international trading and most dedicated sales teams and support teams in this dustry.
As one of the largest producer and exporter of processed timber products, we can offer you a comprehensive solution in the wood products business either in standard or customized order.
Our main product ranges include:
 1.Tropical sawn Timber
 2.Various type of plywood
 3.Furniture and furnishing
 4.Sauna room
 5.Shower room
 6. General building material
Under joint effort from all our people, we have gradually expanded our markets. We now sell to America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Middle East etc with annual sales amounting to $50m.
And in order to meet our customers’ various needs, we also secured a solid network of fine producers and sources in Mainland China including our own producing capability. After more than 10 years effort we successfully established close partnership with over 20 professional mills each specializing in different products portfolios.
Our success will continue as long as we continue our win-win business strategy. We would love to offer our rich resources to do business with people who need such resources to create more value.
We are honest, capable, competitive, always eager to learn and always willing to honor promises. We like dealing with people like us.
At last we want to thank each of our respectable staff. We benefited a lot from our experienced experts, who generally have over 18 years industry experience. We can’t value them more. People are our most valuable asset and that’s why each year we spend a lot on training, education and on-field study for our people.
We believe your success is our success. As you grow, we grow.
Written and edited by Hanbao News Department

Contact: rionach@hotmail.com