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[Hanbao News] Hanbao made meaningful visit to the US

 During 11.02.12 and 24.02.12, Hanbao's general manager, sales manager and admin manager made a short stay in the US and successfully visited over 10 customers there.

After physically visited our customers' warehouses and certain supermarkets, we got to see the real look of US market. Our general manager initiated a series of discussions with US importers and potential importers aiming at for both sides to share thoughts, opinions and predictions.

We both agreed the US market is still suffering from the sudden sharp rise in costs of Chinese products and the absorption process needs speeding up. Gladly, all of the importers and us achieved mutual understanding and promised that more accurate, in time,efficient and effective communication between them and  us will be put as top priority in our future business relationships.

sources: written and edited by Ran, Hanbao News Department