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[Industry Knowledge] What is Lumber / Timber ?

What is Lumber / Timber ?

Lumber /  timer means wood cut from trees which is milled, either rough or finished and ready for uses like building and construction, carpentry, furniture, flooring . "Milled" means processed, cut, sawed, planed and/or surfaced in a mill or with a milling tool. In some countries, timber also refers to live or felled trees, unprocessed logs or large dimension lumber.

Lumber Classification

(1) Divided by processing methods
1. square-edged sawn lumber/timber
  a. square-edged sawn lumber/timber with parallel edges
  b. square-edged sawn lumber/timber with tapered edges
2. unedged sawn lumber/timber

(2) Divided by dimensions
1. board
2. square timber

(3) Divided by groups of species
1.  hardwood lumber
2.  softwood lumber

(4) Divided by grades
According to the related grading rules, lumbers can be graded into several grades. Some countries have their own grading rules . For example, Canada has her own lumber standard maintained by National Lumber Grades Authority . One country may have several grading rules. E.g.: USA has two lumber grade systems: American Softwood Lumber Standard and American Hardwood Lumber Standard .

Lumber Use

Building & construction, Windows, Doors, Frames, Joinery, Pulp, Paper, Furniture, Floor, Man-made Panels, Art Work, Wood Toy

source: towood

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