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[Industry Knowledge] Types of Containers For Wood Products & Timbers

 If you trade timber and wooden products, you will use containers for transportation. As for timber and wood products, Dry Cargo Containers of 20'GP, 40'GP and 40'HQ are usually

used for shipment.

If the density of wood product is very high, it's better to use 20'GP or 40'GP containers. Otherwise, you can choose 40'HQ container to take more goods and save transport cost

for goods in each unit .

In addition to Dry Cargo Containers of 20', 40' and 40', other types of containers are also avaiable as follows:

(1) According to the dimensions
1. STANDARD 20'  (20ft GP)
2. STANDARD 40'  (40ft GP)
3. HIGH CUBE 40'  (40ft HC or 40ft HQ)
4. HIGH CUBE 45'  (45ft HC or 45ft HQ)
5. Other dimensions (8ft, 10ft, 30ft...)

(2) According to the usage:
1. Dry Cargo Container
2. Open Top Container
3. Platform Based Container
4. Ventilated Container
5. Refrigerated And Heated Container
6. Bulk Container
7. Pen Container
8. Tank Container
9. Car Container
10. Flat Rack Container
11. Air Container

(3) According to the materials:
1. Steel Container
2. Aluminium Container
3. Stainless Steel Container
4. Glass Reinforced Plastic Container


Posted and edited by Ran, Hanbao News Department