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Germany:Particleboard exports edged higher in fourth quarter


The German particleboard industry exported more raw and melamine-faced particleboard than the prior-year period in the final quarter of 2014. Preliminary information from the Federal Statistical Office in Wiesbaden indicate that Germany exported 218,940 (Oct.-Dec. 2012: 211,322) m³ of raw particleboard, an increase of 3.6 %. Shipments jumped sharply to Austria (+41.3 %), the UK (+43.9 %), the Czech Republic (+27.2 %), the Netherlands (+22.3 %) and, from a low level, the United Arab Emirates (+58.4 %). Raw particleboard exports to Poland slipped 5.4 % in the fourth quarter after rising 5.8 % in the second quarter and 35.4 % in the third quarter. Large slumps happened in deliveries to France (-18.6 %) and Denmark (-42.5 %). All in all, German raw particleboard shipments fell in the first quarter (-7.8 %) and the second quarter of 2013 (-3.3 %), before bouncing back strongly in the third quarter (+11.1 %).

Source: EUWID

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