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Finland’s exports of pine lumber down by 16%


Finnish exports of softwood lumber and planed products in February 2014 were roughly 8.3% lower than the reference figure for last year at a total of 545,000 m³. Whereas exports to buyers in Europe remained practically unchanged at 245,000 m³, deliveries to buyers outside Europe fell by 14% to roughly 300,000 m³.
Within Europe the foreign trade figures show wide variations in development. Exports to the UK, for example, fell by over 18% to 49,000 m³ and those to Germany by 10% to 36,000 m³, whereas growth was registered in deliveries to the Netherlands (+11%), Estonia, (+14%), and France (+2%). Outside Europe, the negative development registered in the preceding months continued unchanged, particularly in the case of Egypt. At a total of 50,000 m³, Finnish deliveries fell roughly 21% short of the previous year’s figure.
In terms of the individual assortments, the Finnish export statistics show a 14% reduction in exports of pine lumber to 261,000 m³, whereas exports of spruce lumber turned out to be only slightly lower than a year earlier at 251,000 m³.

Source: EUWID

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